modern jewelry featuring gemstones from nature

"Nature is the art of God", as Dante Alighieri said, which sums up the inspiration for my work. My jewelry is created with gorgeous rocks from God's creation. I design and create all jewelry myself, in my home studio. I combine solid .925 Sterling and .935 Argentium Silver with careful craftsmanship for a quality product you will enjoy for a long time. When you buy from me, you are helping support an artist and her family. I am so very grateful for each one of my customers, and I enjoy working directly with you.

My genuine Turquoise jewelry features beads that I buy directly (usually in person) from the family-owned company that mines and processes (cuts, polishes, etc.) material from the Kingman deposit in Mineral Park Mine here in Arizona. Kingman Turquoise comes in an amazing and beautiful variety of colors, most of it being vibrant deep turquoise to blue. (the Kingman Turquoise I use is stabilized as nearly all turquoise is, but the colors are always natural, never dyed.)

I have long been a fan of other semi-precious and precious gemstones. Tourmaline, Peridot, Aquamarine, Lapis Lazuli, Garnet, Labradorite, Moonstone, Sunstone (both Oligoclase and genuine Oregon Sunstone), Kyanite, Larimar, Blue Pietersite, Spinel, Andalusite, and many other natural stones catch my eye and find their way into my shop. I try to avoid dyed stones, as well as stones that are irradiated to enhance color. (Certain stones may have been stabilized or coated for protection purposes only such as Turquoise, some Jaspers, and Emerald, or simply heat-treated to enhance color such as Red Tigereye and some Aquamarine.)

See something you'd like made in multiples, or customized? Ask me about custom orders! Some designs can be made in multiple similar pieces, or with different stone beads. Some necklace designs can be adapted to bracelets. Please expect special orders to take up to several weeks, depending on what is needed in materials and/or time. (I am unable to accommodate rush jobs, sorry!) Note that certain beads I prefer to select in person and the possibility of custom orders using certain beads will depend on availability.

I hope you find something to delight you! Thanks for stopping by!

- Jennifer

A little about me: I was born and raised in Oregon. I have a Bachelor degree in Economics (Art was my major until halfway through college). I'm mama to two boys. We moved from the Pacific Northwest to the central highlands of Arizona in late 2012.

My shop is named for majestic Granite Mountain which can be seen from my neighborhood in Prescott, Arizona.

modern jewelry featuring gemstones from nature

Each piece is READY TO SHIP and you get the EXACT PIECE SHOWN, I take the time to photograph every item (except for extenders which are made to order). Please read description for dimensions. I use solid Sterling and Argentium Silver and quality natural stone beads. I hope you find something to delight you! - Jennifer