Garnet Beaded Necklace Sterling Silver Natural Pyrope Garnet Petite Small Deep Red Wine Burgundy Stone Beads Argenitum Chain Minimal #16421


Rainbow Moonstone Beaded Necklace Sterling Argentium Silver Natural Iridescent White Stone Faceted Beads Minimal Gemstone Necklace #17375


Andalusite Beaded Necklace Sterling Silver Color Shift Brown Faceted Beads Strung Bead Necklace Moss Green Orange Natural Stone #17409


Blue Apatite Beaded Necklace Sterling Silver Neon Apatite Natural Gemstone Small Peacock Blue Teal Stone Beads Minimal Necklace #16373


Chrysoprase Beaded Necklace Sterling Silver Argentium Chain Natural Small Bright Green Stone Bead Minimal Gemstone Necklace Sea Green #16368


Tourmaline Beaded Necklace Sterling Silver Multi Color Natural Gemstone Shaded Pink Green Faceted Beads One Strand Layering Necklace #16406


Vesuvianite Beaded Necklace Natural Gemstone Faceted Olive Green Stone Idocrase Minimal Gemstone Sterling Silver Necklace Kelp Green #16407


Sunstone Beaded Necklace Sterling Silver Argentium Orange Oligoclase Gemstone Natural Stone Small Bead Delicate Lightweight Necklace #16374


Pink Opal Sterling Necklace Beaded Natural Gemstone Soft Pink Pale Pink Cream Feminine Stone Bead Sterling Silver Argentium Necklace #17372


modern jewelry featuring gemstones from nature

Each piece is READY TO SHIP and you get the EXACT PIECE SHOWN, I take the time to photograph every item (except for extenders which are made to order). Please read description for dimensions. I use solid Sterling and Argentium Silver and quality natural stone beads. I hope you find something to delight you! - Jennifer